Paul Bone


Is there a centralized website for CFPs? I feel like that’s a pretty hard part of wanting to talk.

And indeed this is something I have wanted in the past, I just didn’t know I wanted it. So while it would be great if someone would do this, something a little more advanced than a wiki, but hopefully with tags so I can say:

I’m looking for a conference in Australia (that’s a tag) about FP. Potentially with other tags like "Has a CoC".

Kinda if CFP Tracker had tags, that’d be great.' Maybe I’ll let them know.

Anyway, here are some places I know about to look for this kind of information, specific to tech conferences:

Global Diversity CFP Day

Global Diversity CFP Day is an event coming up this February 3rd hopefully in your favorite city such as Melbourne. The organisers have promised to provide a list of upcoming CFPs at the event. I’ll be a mentor at the Melbourne event, so you’re welcome to ask me and the other mentors more questions then. Also thanks to my buddy Amanda for organising the Melbourne event.


Here’s some lists/sources I know about already, learnt about in response to @st58’s tweet.

Functional programming:

Logic programming: * Association for logic programming * CFP list on Mercury mailing list Each posting is a conference CFP announcement.

Other places to look

Specific communities maintain a list conferences and events, some may even have a sanctioned event that’s the main event for that community. For example the list of conferences on each Functional Geekery podcast episode. They may also have a list on their website/wiki (eg Haskell wiki).

Some other associations may exist for your field although this is more common for research, for example the ALP, ACM, IEEE or similar. Often this is more than an list, but an actual affiliation or administration of the conference or journal.

Some communities (although this is kinda old fashioned now) might have a mailing list for conference announcements. I moderated that list for the Mercury programming language.

Research institutions and funding bodies may also provide lists. I’ve seen this when I worked at Melbourne University, a list of conferences and journals was published at one point with the Australian Research Council’s impact factor listed for each publication venue. (The merits of such a thing are a totally different topic.)

Finally ask your peers. Know someone who has given a talk or attended a conference you liked? Look there!


Extra sources I learnt of later: * Mozilla Tech Speakers' list of CFPs (web platform related)