Paul Bone

The Logic of Insurance

Ludovic Langevine and Paul Bone
The 13th International Semantic Web Conference, Industry Track
Riva del Garda, Italy
October 19–23, 2014


We have developed a new pricing and scoring application for a large insurance company’s car insurance products. The business logic of this application is entirely expressed in an OWL ontology and SWRL rules. The ontology and rules are not merely documentation or a specification of the application, they form the business logic of the application. In other words the application is ontology-centric. The application efficiently generates quotes, calculates the pricing of contracts and determines the applicability of a product based on an acceptance policy.

We propose to report on our experience developing and deploying this system, as well as integrating it with legacy systems and new applications using mainstream technologies. We will show the significant quality and agility benefits of an ontology- centric approach that also delivers the expected performances on commodity hardware.